Grocery Shopping Services

Bravura's Shopping Services

If you really need to do some grocery shopping or you need a couple of things from the shops but you just cannot go through the distressing process called shopping!

Bravura’s Shopping Services will get your grocery shopping done so you don’t have to…

  • take time out of your busy schedule.
  • bear the crowded shops.
  • find and pay for parking at busy shopping malls.
  • waste money on unnecessary spending.
  • spend precious time searching for the best price.
  • stand in long queues to pay at the tills.

How does Bravura’s Shopping Services work?

Bravura’s Shopping Services will do all your grocery shopping for you, from your favourite shops, and deliver it to your doorstep.

  1. Send your grocery list via email ( or telephone (060 988 1766).
  2. We do the shopping, according to your requirements or grocery list.
  3. We deliver the groceries at our pre-arranged date and time.
  4. You reimburse us for the groceries plus a minimal shopping fee.

How much will Bravura’s Shopping Services cost?

The price for your convenience is minimal, starting with an admin fee from as little as R75,00.  This fee excludes the cost of your groceries order but includes shopping and delivery*.

Your first order with Bravura’s Shopping Services will be free of charge.  You will only be required to reimburse us for your groceries.

What to expect from Bravura’s Shopping Services?

Bravura’s Shopping Services undertake to find the cheapest prices (if mandated to do so) without substituting your Tuna-in-brine with Tuna-in-oil.  We will ensure that your product is well within its sell-by date. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy, reliable and committed to personalised service.

What not to expect from Bravura’s Shopping Services?

Bravura’s Shopping Services is not an e-commerce business and it does not hold stock.  We are not a Financial Institution and do not grant credit.  Bravura’s Shopping Services will not expect you to pay upfront, you only pay for what is delivered to you.

How do you get started?

Now that you are convinced that you cannot be without Bravura’s Shopping Services, let’s connect to firm up an arrangement.  Complete the easy form below and we will get right back to you.

*Free delivery in the Centurion area.